Isaac Johnson - Cloud Solutions Architect

Isaac Johnson

Isaac Johnson

Cloud Solutions Architect

Isaac is a CSA and DevOps engineer who focuses on cloud migrations and devops processes.
He also is a dad to three wonderful daughters (hence the references to Princess King sprinkled throughout the blog).

Latest Posts

Github Actions and Workflows

Published Dec 1, 2021 by Isaac Johnson

Github Actions allow us to run Workflows to automate our work. The Actions model is very similar ...
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Newrelic: Part 2 (Comparing NR, DD, and ALM)

Published Nov 24, 2021 by Isaac Johnson

In the last article we dug into New Relic for Kubernetes cluster monitoring and automatic APM via...
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Newrelic: Part 1

Published Nov 17, 2021 by Isaac Johnson

New Relic is a performance monitoring and logging tool that has been around since 2008 when it wa...
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Upgrading Kubernetes

Published Nov 10, 2021 by Isaac Johnson

One of the more scary operations one must perform is upgrading a Kubernetes cluster. While new v...
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